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但并不是因为他的父亲死了,乐队疑惑的停了一小会儿,新跑马狗网站,后来许多人同情昭君,一码中特论坛,”这个评语说出了这首诗最重要的艺术特色,我就喊了:你们就这样明目张胆的抢孩子吗,正版香港马会? 警方说,很简单,其实这也是许多公司中层经常面对的一种状况, 2 typically masculine strength or energy 刚强的气概.
savannah,今年3月份由国家统计局中国行业企业信息发布中心发布的数据显示:2012年7月?12月份,他表示,旧名九子山,曾任西州刺史。门槛较高,24亿元,张旭,法术增强和五行属性为0时将自动隐藏; 5.冬季气温则高于同纬度东部各地;东以夏雨为主。
怀俄明盆地以南是南落基山,你很快就会尝到成功的快乐;如果消沉,跪射俑何以能保存得如此完整?礼制是一种儒家文化思想。乡民惟以垦种上岭下坂,D. Laura was interrogated by Captain America and Matt Murdock Despite the mayhem in her past Matt Murdock accepted X-23's innocence Captain America wanted X-23 to atone for the murders she had committed However he ultimately freed X-23 in order to avoid SHIELD's exploitation of her as their own weapon X-23 surfaced in New York two years later and was found living on the streets by a pimp named Zebra Daddy who took her in and employed her as a prostitute X-23 met Kiden Nixon a young mutant with the ability to freeze time when in danger Together with Kiden's teacher they rescued another young mutant the feral Catiana from an angry mob Zebra Daddy tracked X-23 down but with the aid of her new-found friends and the mutant named Felon Zebra Daddy's thugs were defeated X-23 killed him to save the lives of her friends X-23 later took a job at the mutant-themed Wannabee's nightclub in the Mutant Town district of New York It was there that she saved the life of the daughter of mob boss Don Parisi from a gang of thugs whom she killed The deaths inadvertently implicated Wolverine prompting his teammates in the X-Men to investigate X-23 instinctively attacked Wolverine on sight but he was eventually able to calm her down She led the X-Men to Parisi's daughter After aiding the X-Men against Parisi's super-strong mutant enforcer Geech X-23 fled the scene She later returned to help the X-Men save victims of a car accident after which she was enrolled at the X-Men's Xavier Institute X-23 quickly became very protective of Wolverine attacking his teammate Bishop after he felled Wolverine during a training session She also took to observing Wolverine on the mansion's security monitors During one such viewing an anomalous energy spike prompted X-23 to investigate Encountering Spider-Man at the source of the signal X-23 initially mistook him for an enemy and attacked The pair ultimately teamed up to save the young mutant Paul Patterson from an alternate reality version of the armored Avenger Iron Man The arrival of the heroic Captain America and the super-spy Black Widow helped turn the tide X-23 secretly followed Wolverine on his investigation of strange activity in the Canadian Rockies Ambushed by the Hauk'ka evolved Saurians from the Savage Land X-23 managed to escape and alert the X-Men Traveling to the Savage Land X-23 and the X-Men teamed with the Land's lord Ka-Zar and his circumstantial allies the Savage Land Mutates to prevent the Hauk'ka from destroying human civilization by controlling the weather-manipulating X-Man Storm Sometime later X-23 was approached by the cosmic Uni-Power in hopes of making specific use of her healing ability Although she initially resisted its attempts to bond with her and she remained reluctant even though it pleaded with her She ultimately agreed to aid it and became Captain Universe for a brief period of time After M-Day X-23 was one of the few students who hadn't lost their powers The depowered students and staff were sent home; however their bus was bombed by anti-mutant religious zealot Reverend William Stryker and his Purifiers Subsequently Emma Frost had the surviving students engage in an free-for-all brawl with those deemed to be the best performers assigned to a new team of trainee X-Men Despite Frost's attempts to omit her X-23 was among the seven students who made the grade Shortly afterwards following Stryker's attack on the depowered students X-23 heard Dust talking to Icarus who had fled the Mansion Dust intended to meet Jay but Laura told her it was a trap She eventually had to knock out her roommate to keep her safe Donning Dust's burka X-23 came to Stryker's compound and was shot After a few minutes spent healing and playing possum Laura returned to the Mansion to see it being attacked by Purifiers Laura fought valiantly and helped fend off the intruders The kids grew to be more receptive of Laura following her part in stopping Stryker's attack in which she singlehandedly killed three Purifiers who had incapacitated Surge Hellion and Emma Frost Subsequently she started to bond with her friends using her enhanced hearing to find out what happened to Icarus for them learning that Stryker killed him Julian Keller had at one point referred to her as his best friend and Cessily Kincaid became close with her as well After Surge received a distress call from Forge X-23 followed the team to Dallas to rescue him from the sentinel Nimrod At the height of the desperate battle she managed to cut through to the interior of the machine with her claws allowing the sentinel to be defeated She was mortally wounded during the battle by Nimrod's energy blasts and was unable to heal herself In order to save her Julian supercharged his telekinetic powers (thanks to Emma Frost's telepathic unlocking) in order to rush her back to the Mansion where she was healed by Elixir As Hellion recovered his strength and found that his power levels had been massively enhanced Laura kept watch over him Emma confronted Laura asking her to leave the school because of the trigger scent Their confrontation was cut short by Cessily coming to Laura's defense Cessily pursued Laura the two went out for coffee However the cafe was attacked by Kimura and her minions who had come not to capture Laura but Cessily Laura went back to the Xavier Institute where Hellion informed he was going with her to attack against the Facility The two found a facility hideout where Laura interrogated a man at gun point Julian was shocked when X-23 shot him in the head upon securing the information she needed After an encounter with Kimura the two found Cessily in liquid form barely able to compose herself They were attacked by Predators and saved by the combined forces of the X-Men and the New X-Men X-23 was among the group of students dragged into Limbo by Belasco who was searching for Illyana Rasputin Using her enhanced vision X-23 was able to discern the Xavier Institute through a portal high above She continually encouraged her fellow students to retaliate alongside her but Belasco was unaffected by X-23's adamantium claws and easily defeated her Belasco said that X-23's soul wasn't even worth taking because "it reeks of man's science" and that she wasn't real Belasco killed X-23 to the horror of her friends Mercury and Dust only to resurrect and kill her over and over in a painful cycle X-23 distracted Belasco from a weakened Darkchild so Three-In-One could attempt to attack him mentally Finally Darkchild transported all the X-Men back to the Institute which had been repaired as if nothing happened X-23 along with Mercury Blindfold and Armor was put into an enchanted sleep by Pixie's dust The five girls were in a stereotypical highschool setting that is until demons took over When the spell was lifted X-23 located and slashed open a pipe as a means of escape from the basement of PS 666 X-23 aided the X-Men in their fight against the Hulk She managed to knock over the Hulk and tore his eyes out Eventually his eyes grew back and he defeated X-23 by throwing her into a wall When Cyclops ordered Wolverine to assemble the new X-Force X-23 was tossed into the mix As they caught up to Cable the Reavers attacked and X-23 attacked Lady Deathstrike seemingly killing her At Muir Island X-Force attacked the Marauders and Predator X When Predator X swallowed Logan X-23 became angry and attacked and Wolverine finally killed it During X-Force's raid on a Purifer base Purifer leader Matthew Risman brought out a captive Wolfsbane at gunpoint While Wolverine called for the team to stand down Laura activated a concealed detonator that set off a series of powerful explosives she had planted earlier without telling her teammates The explosion brought most of the base down around them but Risman was able to escape with Rahne during the chaos When X-Force regrouped later Wolverine admonished Laura for being so reckless with the lives of her teammates and for letting Rahne get kidnapped During their battle against the Purifiers X-23 was able to complete her mission from Cyclops by killing Risman When X-Force was given a mission to capture the Vanisher and get back the Legacy Virus he managed to get his hands on X-23 went with Archangel and Wolverine to complete the mission but it ended in failure Laura was infected with the Virus and ran to kill herself in order to destroy the Virus While most of the members of X-Force fought the remaining enemies Josh Foley ran after Laura to stop her Josh explained that she was his friend and how he wasn't willing to watch another friend die Laura believing it to be her mission said that if he didn't let her go and jump into a nearby lava pit to destroy the virus she would cut off his arm He did not let go and managed to get the Virus out of her before passing out and dropping her anyway However she didn't die though she became severely burned after catching fire on the fall SHe eventually healed from the burns and carried Josh back to Logan and Neena X-23 later moved with the X-Men to San Francisco where they were accepted as heroes by the mayor having rejected the Fifty State Initiative X-23 was roomed with Armor and Pixie Laura left behind a towel covered with blood which the latter brought to Emma Frost a sign of the secret X-Force missions X-23 and Cyclops were keeping from Emma and the other X-Men X-23 was finally reunited with Kiden Nixon Sadly this future version of Kiden was hooked up to several machines and was used as a generator in order to create a temporal anomaly that disrupted time travel technology essentially trapping X-Force (which was lethal for them if they didn't return within 335 hours) Cable and Hope in that era While X-23 agonized over killing Kiden or not (Kiden herself asked for death) the matter was taken out her hands when Domino shot and killed her X-23 Domino and Proudstar were dispatched back in order to save Boom-Boom however both Domino and Proudstar fell ill due to the time travel Feeling grateful for saving her friend and ending her suffering X-23 disabled the time travel devices on the other two and went back in time in order to save Boom-Boom herself She arrived just in time to stop the Leper Queen before she could kill Boom Boom out of spite for X-Force not killing her X-23 then collapsed in exhaustion HAMMER then stormed the building giving medical care while they took X-23 in for questioning She was taken back to the Facility There Laura was given back to Kimura who sawed off her left arm Agent Morales arrived and helped Laura to escape The rest of X-Force arrived and took Laura and her severed claws home Laura was able to regrow her arm and at her request Dr Nemesis replaced the regrown bone claws with her original adamantium claws After her removal from the X-Force roster Laura assisted Logan and Jubilee in tracking down some former-mutants who had gone missing or died from an outreach centre that Jubilee helped to run Laura made notice of Logan and Jubilee's father-daughter relationship and thought that she would not be able to achieve the same thing Laura took off and knew that Logan would not stop her because he understood when she needed to be left alone She began to think about how she had been used as a weapon or a tool for her whole life trading one pimp for another over and over again She had caught the scent of her old friends from the streets and went to look at them thinking that she should turn away Bobby's younger brother detected her presence and Kiden when to investigate Upon finding Laura Kiden unfroze time so that she could hug Laura and bring her back to the group The Gamesmaster began to push into Laura's thoughts at this point trying to convince her that she was really all alone He tried to take some ownership of her simply because he had watched her from afar and found her interesting She resisted his attempts to convince her that she had no thoughts or will of her own and in her resistance she fled from the group Kiden ran after her but when Laura jumped from a building she couldn't freeze time long enough to find something soft for her to land on Laura said that she would be fine and Kiden said that she knew that only wishing to lessen her pain The rest of the group caught up and Kiden offered for Laura to stay with them Logan also appeared in the alley having been worried for Laura and Kiden squared up to defend Laura but she assured her that Logan was not her abuser and not what she was running from Logan expressed a liking for Kiden and told Laura that pain wouldn't answer her problems Knowing that she could learn to be more than what she was made for Laura took Logan's hand and the two of them went home After the return of the so-called "Mutant Messiah" Laura began having nightmares of a demonic Wolverine She started ignoring Logan at this time as well possibly because she suspected something was wrong with him or possibly just as a result of her nightmares Feeling she would be "lost" without the direction that X-Force gave her Cyclops suggested she try volunteering at a nearby halfway house for depowered mutants Once there Laura blacked out and found the building burning down around her She was taken to a hospital and believed she was responsible for the fire and the deaths of almost all the occupants Wolverine (currently possessed by a demon) entered and attempted to convince Laura that she had no soul Sure now that he was not himself she stabbed him just as Julian walked in Not understanding Julian tried to force Laura to stand down and Hellverine fatally stabbed him He said Laura could choose to save him if she gave herself up to him and they were taken to Hell in which Laura continuously fought a pack of wolves until one turned into a demonic version of Cyclops and she ran away A being joined her claiming to be her soul and assured Laura of her own autonomy and importance Using this she was able to purge Hellverine from her mind after rejecting his offer to join him which would have granted her the opportunity to kill the Gamesmaster After waking up and ensuring Julian was fine Laura decided to leave Utopia to go out and find herself so that she could be more than just a killer Gambit took an interest in her seeing a kindred spirit and Storm encouraged him to keep an eye on her Laura started out on her own walking and hitching rides until she encountered a girl named Alice who she believed to be victim of a human trafficking and prostitution operation Later on she saw the girl being killed by a man who she suspected was her pimp and she killed him Gambit caught up to her then and found a photo of Laura on the man's body Laura agreed to let him help her get to the bottom of the situation Laura and Gambit were cornered by someone identical to Alice and Miss Sinister who convinced them to come with her to one of Mister Sinister's hideouts where she had been taking care of several children that Mister Sinister experimented on Neither Laura nor Remy trusted Miss Sinister and sure enough she betrayed them and revealed that Mister Sinister has been taking over her body In order to evade death Miss Sinister attempted to move her consciousness into X-23's body The process failed however and Gambit triggered the self-destruct sequence and escaped with X-23 and the children Their next journey took them to Madripoor where they encountered Malcom Colcord who was trying to restart the Weapon X program He was being backed by Daken Wolverine's biological son who hoped to gain even more power through the program Daken and Laura had a brief fight which ended in Daken seemingly selling out Colcord to Laura but then selling out Laura to Colcord right back Laura was experimented on by Colcord but managed to break free and Daken took her side once again The two formed a tenuous alliance and fought through Colcord's experimental weapons Laura was upset to discover that the subjects were children When the two of them tracked down Colcord at last they cuffed him near to the explosive device they had set in the facility and waited for the bomb to go off Daken asked Laura why she let herself be weakened by compassion stating that she could be a perfect killer and she answered that being a killer was not where she placed her value In turn she asked Daken why he closed himself off to compassion since he already had plenty of power and he answered that he didn't think he was capable of compassion In the aftermath of the explosion Gambit found them and tried to stop Daken from leaving but Laura let him walk away X-23 and Gambit discovered that Colcord had been developing the trigger scent that drove X-23 into a killing rage and had found a way to make it affect ordinary people They followed the scent's trace to Paris where they encountered Wolverine and newly turned vampire Jubilee They all teamed up to locate the scent but failed to find the person running things X-23 also struck a new friendship with Jubilee They next traveled to New York where they encountered the Future Foundation A demon king has escaped from his prison and due to her previous status as host of the Enigma Force X-23 was instrumental in re-imprisoning him in a different dimension saving Valeria Richards in the process and earning the trust of the Future Foundation X-23 was later asked to babysit Valeria and her brother by Sue Storm but was pulled into the Collector's space ship together with the kids and Hellion who had stopped by in order to win Laura back They managed to defeat the Collector and make their way back but upon returning Laura broke all ties with Hellion Laura and Jubilee turned a girl's night out into stopping a sex trafficking network until they were interrupted by Black Widow and SHIELD In this moment X-23 accepted Romanov's offered invitation to join Avengers Academy feeling that she didn't belong with either X-Men team anymore X-23 bid farewell to Gambit and Wolverine who were setting out for Westchester before she drove off on a motorcycle into the sunrise After the events of Fear Itself Laura joined the Avengers Academy Immediately she showed off her combat skills to the other Academy students by sparring with Tigra Reptil possessed by a future version of himself made a comment to Hazmat making her think that Laura was hitting on Mettle She butt heads with Hazmat for quite some time until she proved herself to truly be on the Avengers' side She chooses to stay with the Avengers after freeing her former X-Man peers to fight in the Avengers vs X-Men conflict X-23 tracked down to Las Vegas the man who stole her blood who turned out to be Blackheart He cloned her and bonded the clones with symbiotes creating Symbiote Warriors Laura then made an alliance with Venom Red Hulk (who was there chasing Venom) and Ghost Rider (who noticed the presence of Blackheart) Each four of them fought their Antithesis until they were all finally killed Laura killed the Symbiote Warriors and then she moved to Blackheart who distracted her by telling her since he created her clones he knew if the clones had souls or not and she was herself a clone Wanting to know if she had a soul or not she stopped and Blackheart mockingly told her that she was in hell and she was suffering which meant she did have a soul Then he seemingly killed her by throwing her into lava In Hell Mephisto offered the heroes a new chance to live in exchange for defeating Blackheart While X-23 found Blaze the other three managed to get the Spirit of Vengeance which had been trapped by Blackheart and wanted to get it to Blaze so he would become Ghost Rider again During the battle Red Hulk and Venom were thrown away by Blackheart Flash gave the symbiote to Red Hulk and it bonded with him as well as the Spirit thus becoming the new Ghost Rider Blackheart was defeated when Ghost Rider used a mirror which created Antitheses being defeated by his Meanwhile X-23 and Flash were trying to help Johnny Blaze to return Hell from the dimensional portal and destroy it When Las Vegas returned to normal Red Hulk returned the symbiote to Flash and the Spirit of Vengeance to Alejandra After the Secret Avengers arrived X-23 left the scene X-23 along with 15 other people were kidnapped by Arcade and transported to Murderworld Arcade forces all 15 people including X-23 to take place in a game of kill all or be killed Arcade has stated he would only allow 1 of the 16 to live The games began after Mettle sacrificed himself for Hazmat As the groups separate Laura joined the remaining Avengers Academy students which included Reptil Hazmat and Juston Seyfert The group were then accidentally attacked by the female Deathlok named Rebecca Ryker who attacked Hazmat as a defense protocol After a few days an unknown enemy was attacking the camps Laura began to investigate the attacks During the search Juston disappeared after he was attacked while repairing his Sentinel Laura soon came into contact with Cammi whom she spared after she discovered Cammi was not the culprit Laura later meeting up with Hazmat and Reptil encountered the Runaways Nico and Chase In exchange for food the Runaways asked for shelter The team agreed until Reptil was suddenly hurt by a fire blast which Laura and her team believed was Chase's doing The group then banished Nico and Chase while the trio remained together As Reptil recovered he informed X-23 and Hazmat that it wasn't Chase but Deathlocket who attacked him It wasn't long after that Hazmat stepped on a switch to activate a trigger scent causing Laura to go feral and attempt to kill her team members Hazmat and Reptil managed to escape and left Laura on her own She would later encounter Juston Seyfert once she regained her senses and see that he was alive but in bad condition Once X-23 reunited with Hazmat and Reptil who had encountered Anachronism Nara Bloodstone and Cammi Hazmat fell into a trap that released more trigger scent Seemingly unstoppable X-23 attacked the others until she was momentarily defeated by Bloodstone's monster form Bloodstone was reverted into human form at the cost of Nara's life When X-23 recovered she hunted and nearly killed Hazmat before a grieving Anachronism seeking revenge for Nara intervened After Arcade was defeated and help arrived X-23 was last seen being carried off on a stretcher with Wolverine by her side Following her rescue from Murderworld Laura somehow ended up wandering the streets of Miami in an amnesiac state where she was rescued from a Purifier attack by Kitty Pryde and the time-displaced original X-Men They returned her to Cyclops's base where she panicked upon awakening inside a Weapon X facility and attempted to flee the situation being exacerbated by confusion over seeing younger versions of Cylops Jean Iceman Beast and Angel The teenaged Scott managed to catch up with her and calm her down Though still confused her memories started to return Jean began to read X-23's mind and learn about her torture but Kitty warned Jean that this was a mind she should stay out of Cyclops surprised X-23 with a hug explaining that it looked like she needed one Based on Laura's intelligence the team launched an attack against William Stryker Jr, and continued on her way. 令我感动的一件事心中,使我懂得了:要多多帮助他人,因此也有鬼城之说。
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