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Photo Gallery

A photo gallery is a space for the exhibition of photographs. Photographs are the most commonly displayed medium; however, illustrations, installation art and objects from the applied arts may also be shown. Although primarily concerned with providing a space to show works of visual art, photo galleries are sometimes used to host other artistic activities, such as music concerts or poetry readings.

Your Photo Gallery should show original works that will be made available for sale to the public. Many types of photo galleries exist. There are galleries which have the work of only a single photographer. There are galleries that specialize in cutting-edge contemporary photographs or in representational work. Other galleries are more generalist in orientation, the connecting line between the works shown being, one hopes, esthetic merit and the personal taste of the gallery director.

By far the largest category of an photo gallery is that of galleries selling new works created by a stable of photographers. These galleries have contracts with living photographers or with the estates of deceased photographers that give them the right to sell that person ’s work. The best galleries attempt to assemble a stable of photographers that are of consistently high quality, no matter what their particular focus.

Photography is a common hobby or pastime for many people. It is a career for many other people. There are so many different venues of it. One of the most recent revelations in photography is the digital camera and digital photo. In an age of computers and computer technology, digital photos have become increasingly popular. People no longer have to deal with film and developing because digital photos can be downloaded onto a computer and viewed instantly.

Digital photos can be shared on the web and through email. They can also be saved on CDs. Many digital cameras come with LCD screens so the photos can be viewed from the camera itself. You see what the picture looks like instantly instead of waiting for developing. Digital cameras are advancing every day and new technology is released on each one. Lower quality ones can be picked up at a local retail store for about $15 now. These often do not contain flash and the quality is not as great. Other digital cameras can range anywhere from $20 to $1,000. The most high-tech camera for normal individual use is about $200. This may seem like a lot but when compared to the price of film and developing, you can save a lot by going this route. You can also send as many copies of your photos as you wish through email and the web so copies are unlimited. You can even print copies of your digital photographs from your computer.

Professional photography is an area in which the work of a trained artist will far exceed the work of even the most skilled amateur. From the caliber of equipment used to knowledge of the nuances of lighting, texture, and composition, a professional photographer has the ability and advantages to capture high-quality, dramatic images. These can play a part in your personal or professional life in many ways.

Many families use professional portrait artists to get high quality photographs. Parents love to have pictures of their children, and often schedule annual sittings in order to have current pictures to keep for themselves and to give to proud grandparents and other family members as gifts. Professional portrait photographers can also take lovely family pictures, suitable to enlarge, frame, and hang in a place of honor in your home.

Professional photography for personal use goes beyond classic portraits. Another popular use of professional photographers is weddings, where both posed and candid shots can be taken, and the right photographer will meet with you and get a sense of how you want your special day photographed. Similarly, many couples will choose to bring in a professional to take engagement photographs, which can be published in local newspapers as well as given to family members and kept for themselves.

Professional photography is an essential part of print advertising. Photographers skilled in product photography can take anything from jewelry to a culinary dish to a popular electronic item and create a setting with props, background, and lighting in which to photograph the product and show it to its best advantage. Local professional photographers will also be familiar with specific publications in your area and be able to suggest and take photographs which will most effectively catch the attention of the readers of those magazines or papers.

Fashion and model photography are two related realms in which professional photography is also very important. Experience in editorial work for print layouts in fashion, make-up and hair will give a photographer knowledge of the conventions of fashion photography, but a creative and daring eye makes all the difference in getting the best possible work done. In these fields a photographer will often be working with a designer or stylist who shares the vision for the layout, but the final appearance of the work rests in the hands of the photographer, so clearly it is imperative to get the best.

Other forms of commercial photography include pictures take for annual reports or informational brochures for businesses. Photographs of events such as fundraisers or parties might be included in an annual report, as well as pictures of personnel, both candids and posed portraits. Annual reports are distributed to both employees and shareholders, so it is important to reflect the quality of your business as well as show the personal element.

Informational brochures are published by many non-profit as well as private businesses. Universities and colleges, for example have to make a strong impression based on their packages of printed material. Photographic images are a significant part of this package, as prospective students receive any number of brochures and have to make their initial decisions based on what they read and see. Professional photography capturing architectural and landscape elements as well as shots of students and activities will make your college look its most appealing.

If you are looking for a professional photography studio or artist in your area, the Internet will be a most helpful tool. You should be able to view the portfolios of photographers you are considering online in order to narrow down your search. From novelty images, glamour shots, pet photography or pinhole photographs to classic portraits and black and white art prints, you should be able to find a photographer whose work can meet your needs.

Do you just snap pictures of friends without a thought to how it my turn out? Portrait photography takes you a step up from people photography. It gives you elements to notice such as the angle you take the photograph, the lighting you will use, and the expression of emotion on a persons face. While you may be an amateur photographer deciding to take Christmas photos without the expense you will need to have some basic knowledge of techniques used by the professionals.

First when taking a photograph of a person you need to study their face. The face is important to the angle you will shoot from. Though it is a cliché, it is true some people have a better side. This could be in relation to scarring or acne breakouts or even simpler. For instance my left eye is larger than my right by just a bit, and looking head on into the camera will cause a horrible portrait, however if the photographer comes from the right side and angles up a little the light and shadows will help even out the features while keeping the distinctions that make me who I am.

Portrait photography is about capturing the essence of the subject, the personality. The little nuances of a face add character to the portrait. You will want to loosen up your subjects. If you are becoming a professional portrait photographer you will want to learn about your subject as you are taking pictures or perhaps meet them before the session. If they are just your family then you should know what would get their personality captured on film.

Lighting is the next important step to portrait photography. A lot of photographers prefer natural light to artificial. Your subject will in part decide this for you. Remember you will use the light you have. Natural light will often require setting the aperture to compensate for the cameras lack of definition. In other words you need to create the contrast with the light and shadows for the effect you want. Often artificial light is harsh and not directed properly unless in a studio. Again you will need to use the manual settings on your camera to create the perfect portrait.

The background is also important when discussing light. In a studio a photographer will pick a background that will not wash your features out or your clothing. They want to have a distinction or contrast between you and the background. This is also important of home portrait photography. You will want a background that gives color to your subject rather than taking it away. Finding a nice spot with a tree to sit on and mountains in the background can be a great portrait, but you will want to make sure the background is not too busy to distract from the subject. Make the subject seem apart of the picture rather than outside of it.

The type of camera and film you use will also determine the quality of the photography. Once you combine techniques such as lighting, angles, and understanding your subject you will be able to create a near to professional if not professional portrait for your friends and family no matter the occasion. Just snapping a picture is possible, but it would be great to have a better portrait?

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